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Prottec from its beginnings set out to revolutionize the anti-wear materials market for all industries. 

» 2007 develops the AT-PU® polyurethane compound for sieve screens and screen scalpers, producing a before and after in high-wear parts for the mining and quarrying industry.

With a constant acquisition of technology and highly qualified personnel, it paved the way to develop a wide range of solutions for the agro-export market, oil, shipping terminals, grain storage, cement and concrete industries.

» 2013 Our polyurethane sheets AT-PU® replaced rigid coatings in various applications. 

» 2016 Caucho+ is a own development that produced improvements in many industries.

Combining the best properties of polyurethanes (abrasion resistance and resilience) and rubber (cut resistance).

» 2018 AT-PU® Guards for conveyor belts were developed. 

» 2020 With new technology we vulcanize our AT-PU® inside round section ducts, creating the PROPIPE system.

» 2021 Buckets made entirely of AT-PU® 

We work together with our clients designing, researching and producing innovative and effective solutions.



Prottec Polyurethanes developed its own line of Advance Technology PolyUrethanes elastomers.

They are polyurethanes specially created for situations of severe wear in industries of all kinds.

Thanks to the high levels of mechanical resistance, they offer optimal results.

The use of these materials is highly efficient in Anti-Wear Coatings.


AT-PU® 3

Compound with excellent wear resistance formulated for conditions of extreme moisture or immersion.

It provides excellent resistance to hydrolysis, even at high temperatures.



Combines the best properties of polyurethanes (abrasion resistance and resilience) and rubber (cut resistance)

CAUCHO+® exceeds the best performance of your parts and coatings by more than 50%.